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Internet Benefist for Studens

Internet Benefist for Studens


The Internet provides many facilities to the people. The main advantages of Internet are discussed below.

1. Sharing Information

You can share information with other people around the world. The scientist or researchers can interact with each other to share knowledge and to get guidance etc. Sharing information through Internet is very easy, cheap and fast method.

2. Collection of Information

A lot of information of different types is stored on the web server on the Internet. It means that billions websites contain different information in the form of text and pictures. You can easily collect information on every topic of the world. For this purpose, special websites, called search engines are available on the Internet to search information of every topic of the world. The most popular search engines are altavista.com, search.com, yahoo.com, ask.com etc. The scientists, writers, engineers and many other people use these search engines to collect latest information for different purposes. Usually, the information on the Internet is free of cost. The information on the Internet is available 24 hours a day.

3. News

You can get latest news of the world on the Internet. Most of the newspapers of the world are also available on the Internet. They have their websites from where you can get the latest news about the events happening in the world. These websites are periodically updated or they are immediately updated with latest news when any event happens around the world.

4. Searching Jobs

You can search different types of jobs all over the world, Most of the organizations/departments around the world, advertise their vacant vacancies on the Internet. The search engines are also used to search the jobs on Internet. You can apply for the required job through Internet.

5. Advertisement

Today, most of the commercial organizations advertise their product through Internet. It is very cheap and efficient way for the advertising of products. The products can be presented with attractive and beautiful way to the people around the world.

6. Communication

You can communicate with other through Internet around the world. You can talk by watching to one another; just you are talking with your friends in your drawing room. For this purpose, different services are provided on the Internet such as;

* Chatting
* Video conferencing
* E-mail
* Internet telephony etc.

7. Entertainment

Internet also provides different type of entertainments to the people. You can play games with other people in any part of the world. Similarly, you can see movies, listen music etc. You can also make new friends on the Internet for enjoyment.

8. Online Education

Internet provides the facility to get online education. Many websites of different universities provide lectures and tutorials on different subjects or topics. You can also download these lectures or tutorials into your own computer. You can listen these lectures repeatedly and get a lot of knowledge. It is very cheap and easy way to get education.

9. Online Results

Today, most of the universities and education boards provide results on the Internet. The students can watch their results from any part of country or world.

10. Online Airlines and Railway Schedules

Many Airline companies and Pakistan Railway provide their schedules of flights and trains respectively on the Internet.

11. Online Medical Advice

Many websites are also available on the Internet to get information about different diseases. You can consult a panel of online doctors to get advice about any medical problem. In addition, a lot of material is also available on the Internet for research in medical field.



Benefits of social networking in business

Benefits of social networking in business

Social networking was once the domain of people looking for friendship on the internet, but savvy businesses have also begun to realize the value of linking up with others through the wide variety of networks that are springing up almost daily. They have learned to enjoy the ease with which they can keep in touch with clients, suppliers, and a host of others. In fact, there are now sites that cater specifically to businesses. Social networking benefits to business are many; here are just a few, and how they can help you.

These days, any company that uses computers (which are most) is likely to have employees who are familiar with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and so on. However, this doesn’t mean that every business with computer savvy employees actually utilizes social media to its full potential, which is incredibly unfortunate considering that many platforms are completely free for any person or business to use.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the uses and benefits to effectively utilizing social media in the workplace.


And who could forget the one social media site that every company should really be on (or at the very least their Human Resources department)?: Linkedin. The platform is perfect for connecting businesses with professionals in or interested in a particular industry. It’s like Craigslist for companies, including a means of finding and recruiting employees.
Social media truly has the power to bring a business together through both informal and formal means of communication. It also brings out a method of sharing ideas between employees and employers that could improve the company overall. And that’s just the beginning. When it comes to businesses and social media, think outside the box.


Free marketing is the most common reason that businesses join social media. For instance, a business can offer deals to those that like their page on Facebook and, simultaneously, run various Twitter contests to engage current followers and attract new ones. Social media marketing is so important because it gives businesses direct access to both current and potential customers, allowing them to answer questions, showcase their brand, spread information and address issues in a conversational format.
In addition, it also adds a bit of personality to a business, allowing a company’s voice to shine through. As such, businesses need to be sure that whoever is in charge of updating their social networks conveys the right tone and is consistent with the company’s brand messaging. Businesses should also keep in mind that social media marketing is widely considered a form of public relations or even human resources, based on the informative and always updating nature of the medium.

>>Inter-office Communication<<

Businesses can also utilize social media as a quick and effective internal communication tool. For instance, creating a Facebook group page for employees is a great way to promote a fun company culture, as employees can announce events, upload photos and talk in an informal, yet respective manner. Google+ can be helpful for both communicating internally and with clients because it has a hangout platform that allows users to hold meetings through face to face video or voice chats. Similarly, Skype enables employees to instant message each other or host conference calls, video conferences or even webinars.
There are also project collaboration software social platforms designed for creating ‘projects’ that employees can task to specific people in the same way that Google docs allows for sharing. Some popular ones worth checking out include MangoApps and Zoho Projects.

>>Which Networks are Best for Businesses?<<

Although the ever-popular services like Myspace and Facebook have quite a few businesses with well-developed pages, they are mostly for social contacts, artists, social causes, and bands. Those who want more professional connections often turn to LinkedIn, Tribe, and Ryze. 

These services will work best for those who create the most complete and targeted online identity. For instance, if you are a professional freelance editor but have a page full of information about your accomplished children, you may miss a lot of opportunity. Of course you are proud of your children, but they probably will not get you gigs. So stick to business.

One of the ways to make the most of your social networking page is to hire an online marketing company to create and maintain it. That way it stays professional, up to date, and has enough of the right material on it to make an impact and improve your search engine rankings.




Well now I bring you a comparison between these languages ​​applied to the web (well in the case of php and web in nature but not in the case of python or java ) .

Php is a very mature language that has been in business many years ago ( 1995 ) and as major advantages :

1 to 1 large community of programmers who can help you when you atores into something
2 - the learning curve is very smooth as it is very easy to learn (in addition to its resemblance to c )
3 - the number of libraries that will simplify the development of things like imaging and pdf handling sockets and databases in a very simple and straightforward , so
4 - from the point of view of a business development time is minimal and php very fast which results in high productivity.
5 - a very simple implementation is therefore offer hosting that support this technology is huge .

and disadvantages have:
1 - which is very slow on websites that have many requests per second or heavy loads access to BD , it will be the best choice
February - although there is data persistence to serialize manually or through sessions , there is persistence of objects which can be a disadvantage when programming OOP .
3 - is a language that at first did not support OOP so making spaghetti code is very easy and almost involuntary , besides that in some benchmark proves to be slow to run simple code structured OOP .

Java was also very mature and experienced and has the following advantages :
1 - as in a lot of php programmers can help
2 - high power and speed, since there are used servlets and persistent objects.
3 - is a fully OOP language making it impossible to schedule ugly (or at least not like in php XD )

and disadvantages :
1 - the learning curve is very heavy, because this language is very complex , which makes it not justifiable if your development is fairly simple.
2 - The development time and therefore productivity is not as good as in php at least relatively simple developments like e -commerce sites , using simple database . Although more complex sites where the burden of database queries is very high is better Java .
3 - the implementation of this technology is more expensive so it is more in short supply hosting for it.

Python is more like java to php ( in the way they operate ) and even more ancient than php (1991 ) its foray into the web has been very limited , although an interpreted language like php , it seems more to java and if you think about it java is also interpreted as the compilation authentic does not occur in these languages ​​not as in co c + + , both both java and python translate the script to a bytecode (very similar to machine language ) unlike php that their opcodes are more similar to assembly language, and are more optimal bytecode , so python is more efficient in its execution but php is not about to java , BUT there is a configuration for python , which I like and I bet the whole , it is a framework that supports sessions sERVLETS mvc and foremost this is python as java servlets can handle this framework , so that their performance would improve a lot I would say that he walks on the heels of Java , but that shall speak later on a benchmark I intend to do in these three technologies.

as main advantages :
1 - very smooth learning curve , it is a language that can boast of being very high- almost approaching human language , leaving java and php in this regard.
2 - runs as java bytecode does what it does very fast turning to be in the middle between php and java on quickly.
3 - also implements a lot of libraries to work wonders as in php

and disadvantages :
1 - not many programmers in this technology and the documentation is very scarce in Spanish and in English but also in Spanish there are more .
2 - implement this technology is very complex web therefore the hosting that support python are even more scarce than in Java.

This is a simple analysis of these technologies , go doing more analysis of these technologies further and more complete , this is an introduction.

Just as a final thought , and almost like a final blow and deadly , those who are in favor of python as I do , we can boast of having as support for companies as large as none other than Google , Yahoo and NASA, these three companies have their websites in python .

It is thought that these companies have teams of highly trained engineers ( merjor what the world) and if turned their eyes to this technology is something is not it?




PHP is a programming language commonly used server side code originally designed for web development of dynamic content. It was one of the first programming languages ​​server side that could be incorporated directly into the HTML document instead of calling an external file to process data. The code is interpreted by a web server with a PHP processor module which generates the resulting web page. PHP has evolved so that now also includes a command line interface that can be used in standalone graphical applications. PHP can be used on most web servers as in almost every operating system and platform free of charge.
PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. Currently the language is being developed with new features for the group PHP. This language is part of Free Software released under the PHP License which is incompatible with the GNU General Public License because of restrictions on the use of the term PHP.


Focusing on development of dynamic web applications with access to information stored in a database.
It is considered an easy language to learn, because in its development were simplified different specifications , such as the definition of the primitive variables , such that is evident in the use of PHP arrays.
The source code written in PHP is invisible to the client web browser , since it is the server that is responsible for implementing the code and send HTML to the browser your results . This makes programming in PHP is safe and reliable.
Switching capabilities most database engines that are used at present, highlights its connectivity MySQL and PostgreSQL .
Ability to expand their potential using modules (called ext 's or extensions) .
Has extensive documentation on its official website , among which stands out that all functions of the system are explained and exemplified in a single help file.
It's free , so it is presented as an accessible alternative for everyone.
Apply techniques of object-oriented programming . Even applications like Zend Framework , PHP company developing , are fully developed by this methodology.
It requires defining variable types although their variables can also be evaluated by the guy who is handling at runtime .
Has exception handling (from PHP5 ) .
While PHP does not require the wearer to have a certain methodology to the programming , even so, the programmer can apply in their work any programming or technical development to write code that allows orderly, structured and manageable. An example of this are the developments that have been made in PHP design pattern Model View Controller ( MVC ), which allow to separate treatment and access to data, the control logic and the user interface into three separate components.
Due to its flexibility has been very successful as the base language for Web applications content management , and is its main use .



El lenguaje de programación Java fue originalmente desarrollado por James Gosling de Sun Microsystems (la cual fue adquirida por la compañía Oracle) y publicado en el 1995 como un componente fundamental de la plataforma Java de Sun Microsystems. Susintaxis deriva mucho de C y C++, pero tiene menos facilidades de bajo nivel que cualquiera de ellos. Las aplicaciones de Java son generalmente compiladas a bytecode (clase Java) que puede ejecutarse en cualquier máquina virtual Java (JVM) sin importar laarquitectura de la computadora subyacente. Java es un lenguaje de programación de propósito general, concurrente, orientado a objetos y basado en clases que fue diseñado específicamente para tener tan pocas dependencias de implementación como fuera posible. Su intención es permitir que los desarrolladores de aplicaciones escriban el programa una vez y lo ejecuten en cualquier dispositivo (conocido en inglés como WORA, o "write once, run anywhere"), lo que quiere decir que el código que es ejecutado en una plataforma no tiene que ser recompilado para correr en otra. Java es, a partir del 2012, uno de los lenguajes de programación más populares en uso, particularmente para aplicaciones de cliente-servidor de web, con unos 10 millones de usuarios reportados.


1. - Plain Language :
It is known as simpleporque language comes from the same structure c and c + + , since C + + was creating java referentepara why use certain features of c + + yse have eliminated other .

2. - Object Oriented :
All inits java programming is object oriented majority as to be grouped in encapsulated estructurasenestructuras easier handling.

3. - Distributed :
Opens sockets, establecery accept connections with remote clients or servers ; lacreación facilitates distributed applications as it provides a collection declases for networked applications .

4. - Robust :
It is highly reliable with c encomparación have been eliminadomuchas features with pointer arithmetic provides numerosascomprobaciones in compilation and runtime .

5. - Insurance:
Safety is very important in java unacaracterística as deseguridad barriers have been implemented in the language and system for real-time execution .

6 . - Indifferent to laarquitectura :
Java supports the másvariados network environments , whatever these from Windows 95 , Unix and Mac aWindows Nt , trabajarcon to different operating systems.
Java is very versatile because bytecodes queutiliza an intermediate format that is used to efficiently transport theCode or different platforms ( Hardware - Software).

7 . - Portable :
Laarquitectura being indifferent which is working on , this makes efficient seamuy its portability , its programs are the same in any of the platforms , java yaque basic sizes specified , this is known as virtual machine dejava .

8. - Interpreted and compiled lavez :
Java can be compiled einterpretado in real time, as when building this setransforma source code in a kind of machine code.

9. - Multithreaded or Multithreaded :
Java has a facility decumplir several functions at the same time, thanks to its role multahilos as each thread is executed that as a program has many functions in real time simultaneously.

10 . - Dynamic:
The Java language is very dinámicoen bonded phase , only act in their classes as they are required or need to estopermitirá that links can be included even from very variadaso sources from the network.

11. - Produce Applets :
In java can be independent crearaplicaciones applets.
Independent because puedencomportar as any program written in any language.
Appletsconsiderados Moreover the small programs, have the ability to perform functions muycomplejas .

12. - High performance
Java is considered high throughput for being so swift in running elmomento and programs ahorrase many lines of code .


>>¿What is better php or java??<<

It depends on what you need.
Java is cross-platform and serves to applications, most mobile and desktop.
PHP is used to make dynamic web pages.
Maybe you should look for: "Differences enters Java and PHP", I think this will be most useful.
If you want to know more of each:


The cloud

    The cloud


Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale similar to a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network. At the foundation of cloud computing is the broader concept of converged infrastructure and shared services.
The cloud also focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of the shared resources. Cloud resources are usually not only shared by multiple users but as dynamically re-allocated per demand. This can work for allocating resources to users. For example, a cloud computer facility, which serves European users during European business hours with a specific application (e.g. email) while the same resources are getting reallocated and serve North American users during North America's business hours with another application (e.g. web server). This approach should maximize the use of computing powers thus reducing environmental damage as well since less power, air conditioning, rackspace, etc. is required for a variety of functions.
The term "moving to cloud" also refers to an organization moving away from a traditional Capex model (buy the dedicated hardware and depreciate it over a period of time) to the opex model (use a shared cloud infrastructure and pay as you use it).
Proponents claim that cloud computing allows companies to avoid upfront infrastructure costs, and focus on projects that differentiate their businesses instead of infrastructure. Proponents also claim that cloud computing allows enterprises to get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, and enables IT to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.


Cloud computing exhibits the following key characteristics:
Agility improves with users' ability to re-provision technological infrastructure resources.
Application programming interface (API) accessibility to software that enables machines to interact with cloud software in the same way that a traditional user interface (e.g., a computer desktop) facilitates interaction between humans and computers. Cloud computing systems typically use Representational State Transfer (REST)-based APIs.
Cost: cloud providers claim that computing costs reduce. A public-cloud delivery model converts capital expenditure to operational expenditure.[31] This purportedly lowersbarriers to entry, as infrastructure is typically provided by a third-party and does not need to be purchased for one-time or infrequent intensive computing tasks. Pricing on a utility computing basis is fine-grained, with usage-based options and fewer IT skills are required for implementation (in-house). The e-FISCAL project's state-of-the-art repository contains several articles looking into cost aspects in more detail, most of them concluding that costs savings depend on the type of activities supported and the type of infrastructure available in-house.
Device and location independence enable users to access systems using a web browser regardless of their location or what device they use (e.g., PC, mobile phone). As infrastructure is off-site (typically provided by a third-party) and accessed via the Internet, users can connect from anywhere.
Virtualization technology allows sharing of servers and storage devices and increased utilization. Applications can be easily migrated from one physical server to another.
Multitenancy enables sharing of resources and costs across a large pool of users thus allowing for:
centralization of infrastructure in locations with lower costs (such as real estate, electricity, etc.)
peak-load capacity increases (users need not engineer for highest possible load-levels)
utilisation and efficiency improvements for systems that are often only 10–20% utilised.
Reliability improves with the use of multiple redundant sites, which makes well-designed cloud computing suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery.
Scalability and elasticity via dynamic ("on-demand") provisioning of resources on a fine-grained, self-service basis near real-time, without users having to engineer for peak loads.
Performance is monitored, and consistent and loosely coupled architectures are constructed using web services as the system interface.
Security can improve due to centralization of data, increased security-focused resources, etc., but concerns can persist about loss of control over certain sensitive data, and the lack of security for stored kernels. Security is often as good as or better than other traditional systems, in part because providers are able to devote resources to solving security issues that many customers cannot afford to tackle. However, the complexity of security is greatly increased when data is distributed over a wider area or over a greater number of devices, as well as in multi-tenant systems shared by unrelated users. In addition, user access to security audit logs may be difficult or impossible. Private cloud installations are in part motivated by users' desire to retain control over the infrastructure and avoid losing control of information security.

>>Hosted services<<

In marketing, cloud computing is mostly used to sell hosted services in the sense of application service provisioning that run client server software at a remote location. Such services are given popular acronyms like 'SaaS' (Software as a Service), 'PaaS' (Platform as a Service), 'IaaS' (Infrastructure as a Service), 'HaaS' (Hardware as a Service) and finally 'EaaS' (Everything as a Service). End users access cloud-based applications through a web browser, thin client or mobile app while the business software and user's data are stored on servers at a remote location.

>>Service Models<<

Cloud computing providers offer their services according to several fundamental models: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) where IaaS is the most basic and each higher model abstracts from the details of the lower models. Other key components in anything as a service (XaaS) are described in a comprehensive taxonomy model published in 2009, such as Strategy-as-a-Service, Collaboration-as-a-Service, Business Process-as-a-Service, Database-as-a-Service, etc. In 2012, network as a service (NaaS) and communication as a service (CaaS) were officially included by ITU (International Telecommunication Union) as part of the basic cloud computing models, recognized service categories of a telecommunication-centric cloud ecosystem.

>>Cloud clients<<

Users access cloud computing using networked client devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Some of these devices - cloud clients - rely on cloud computing for all or a majority of their applications so as to be essentially useless without it. Examples are thin clients and the browser-based Chromebook. Many cloud applications do not require specific software on the client and instead use a web browser to interact with the cloud application. With Ajax and HTML5 these Web user interfaces can achieve a similar, or even better, look and feel to native applications. Some cloud applications, however, support specific client software dedicated to these applications (e.g., virtual desktop clients and most email clients). Some legacy applications (line of business applications that until now have been prevalent in thin client computing) are delivered via a screen-sharing technology.


Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter

>>The executive summary<<

The purpose of this document  is to provide recommendations to Pemex Consulting on using social media sites, specifically Facebook and Twitter, for both external and internal communications.  Pemex has expressed concern with 'user security' when using social media, and has asked that iCarnegie research these concerns.  For this research ‘user security’ is defined as the level of accessibility to information available to unintended recipients. 

The recommendations is that Facebook be used for internal communications, and that Twitter be used for external communications. This is because Facebook has user security settings that allow for information to be accessible to specific recipient groups, while Twitter has less ability to customize settings, which limits information distribution to specified groups of users. 
While using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will undoubtedly add value to the business, Pemex must be careful to implement policies, education and process in an attempt to reduce the accidental distribution of sensitive company information to unintended and inappropriate audiences. 

>>Using Facebook in the enterprise<<

Meeting dates, and lasagendas records can
easy recording on facebook.

Events can have many administrators for the management and updating of information of events.

The list here on facebook can mostrarsolo people invited to the event.

The list can show only to people who have been cited
the event to do or may be events where public where anyone
appointment may share the event and invite others.

  The only condition to invite other people is that they must be in the user's friends list and, therefore, must have an active Facebook account.

This feature of the events allows users to create events showing the meeting date and time, location, guest list, RSVP options, the opportunity to comment on the case, ask questions, and provide a description of the event.

We may also use the notes that can be published and written
in user profiles and sharing this such information travez
other people just tagging.

This is a way of communicating the meetings, schemes and ideas of the employees of the company Pemex.

In addition, a Facebook user can send a mass message and all beneficiaries have the opportunity to respond to all members of that message.

This user security configuration allows information to be given, and dialogue to be exchanged without prying eyes or unwanted viewers. Attachments and images can be included in these messages and they can be sent to mobile devices to ensure constant communication, even when employees are out of the office and in the field.

The use of Twitter in the enterprise

On twitter there is a characteristic of peermite creating new lists which can be events , signed and invitations , but these will have to be sent as direct messages .

The function in twitter in user security issue to see other guests not
travez available to social networking site .

One of the advantages of twitter on facebook in external communication in which the information is easily accessible to all and that specializes facebook
internal communications .

The company profiles are easy to find in the search bar of the website.

A viewer does not have to be signed when viewing Twitter profiles. Due to the character limit for each tweet , concise overview .

 The people who publish content have the ability to add links to other web sites , upload photos and add locations .

People who play games (eg treasure hunts in the neighborhoods ) with Twitter are able to upload photos , locations and provide real-time messages about what they are doing.

I used Twitter for a treasure hunt in San Francisco and this allows real- time communication between competing groups as well as public relations and marketing instant .

Several of my posts are tweeted by users , so that the information is transmitted quickly if it is of interest to others.

This user safety feature promotes quick and universal access to information , people and specific vertical . For example , Twitter uses its own platform for recruitment ( http://twitter.com/ #! / JoinTheFlock ) .

 The theme provides a brief description of what messages will be approximately one source of information, and a link to a YouTube video . Keywords dial allows the user to search for information and topics that are relevant to them .

>>Using Twitter in the enterprise<<

En twitter se tiene una caracteristica de peermite la creacion de nuevas listas donde pueden ser eventos, suscritos e invitaciones, pero estas tendran que ser enviada como mensajes directos.

La funcion en twitter en el tema de seguridad del usuario de ver otros invitados no 
esta disponible a travez del sitio de las redes sociales.

Una de las ventajas de twitter sobre facebook en la comunicación externas en que la informacion sea facilmente accesible para todos ya que facebook se especializa
en las comunicaciones internas.

Los perfiles de las empresas son faciles de encontrar en la barra de busqueda de la web.

Un espectador no tiene que ser firmado con Twitter durante la visualización de perfiles. Debido a la limitación de caracteres para cada tweet, información general concisa.

 Las personas que publican contenido tienen la posibilidad de añadir enlaces a otros sitios web, subir fotos y añadir ubicaciones.

Las personas que participan en juegos (por ejemplo, búsquedas del tesoro en los barrios) con Twitter son capaces de subir fotos, sus ubicaciones y proporcionar mensajes en tiempo real sobre lo que están haciendo. 

He utilizado Twitter durante una búsqueda del tesoro en San Francisco y esto permite la comunicación en tiempo real entre grupos en competencia, así como las relaciones públicas y el marketing instantáneos. 

Varios de mis posts se tweeted por otros usuarios, por lo que la información se transmite rápidamente si es de interés para terceros. 

Esta característica de seguridad de usuario promueve el acceso rápido y universal a la información, la gente y verticales específicos. Por ejemplo, Twitter utiliza su propia plataforma para la contratación (http://twitter.com/ #! / JoinTheFlock).

 El lema ofrece una breve descripción de lo que los mensajes serán aproximadamente, una fuente de información adicional, y un enlace a un vídeo de YouTube. Palabras clave de marcado permite a una búsqueda del usuario para obtener información y los temas que son relevantes para ellos.

Let me tell you about the differences that have Facebook and Twitter, having knowledge about the history of each time to their respective advantages of disadvantages of these two social networks had an impact on society and business.

>>Differences between facebook and twitter<<

Both networks twitter and facebook are 2.0, meaning that unlike 1.0 where the user is only related to the computer, now is related to other users.

This interactivity defined as such. However, both twitter and facebook stand for their differences.

The most popular is undoubtedly facebook with over 350 million users worldwide. For its part, boasts 58 million twitter users, substantial number, which seems to bother to Mark Zuckerberg, the young founder of Facebook with only 25 years is considered the most media person of the year, as reflected in the world press.

One of the features of twitter is a continuous exchange of information in different formats: video links, photos and graphics.

This is also perfectly viable alternative on facebook, but bookeros tend to comment more events related to the personal life.

 This behavior is based on this network was created to share information between people who know in real life, however on twitter the idea is to globalize the timeline, ie personal page where we see the updates of contacts follow.

It is said that the public facebook belongs to a wide swath: is of all ages, professions, tastes and colors, which is a real achievement for application developers.

 On the other hand, most tweeters are between 25 and 50 and is related to communication racing, design and of course all those that have to do with technology.

This earned twitter being labeled "elitist", but since the company has already explained several times that users tend to use it as a tool.


Facebook (NASDAQ) is a social networking site created by Mark Zuckerberg founded by Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Originally a site for students of Harvard University, but is open to anyone with an email account.

In mid-2007 launched versions in French, German and Spanish translated by users in unpaid work, 7principalmente to boost its expansion outside the United States, since its users are concentrated in the United States, Canada and the UK. Facebook has over 900 million members, and translations into 70 languages​​. In October 2012, Facebook reached 1000 million users, of which there are over 600 million mobile users. Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States are the countries with more usuarios.10

Its main infrastructure consists of a network of more than 50,000 servers using distributions of GNU / Linux using LAMP.

On April 9, 2012 it was announced that Facebook acquired Instagram for one billion dollars.


1.-You can do several things at once
2.-can be considered a means of communication
3.-The method sets serve as entertainment
4.-Because publications and that you used to know people more thoroughly
5.-You can share photos and videos with family and friends but are away
6.-You know more people
7.-you identify with groups of your interest
8.-I used to look for people who have long left to see and so perhaps reestablish communication with such persons
9.-If you have msn also a good option to use the chat
10.-In most facebook games (farmville typical, happy pets, happy aquarium etc etc) what more is put into practice is the managing and investing to prosper and this is good practice in games for practice after the daily life.


1.-The games pc Encourage a little or you work a little youtube if it's running, unless you count a modernona pc and high speed internet.
2.-A no chore sometimes people add you and people who make things look or ask sooo uncomfortable.
3.-If you do not put your profile private and you personalize it, everyone can see your information and in a way that can be dangerous.
4.-At times you enter and you are going out there without realizing
5.-Some comments on photos videos and states can encolerizarnos
6.-Many are lost in games, and as there are things in games that are bought with REAL money, they spend their money as stupid as they are only cartoons on a pc or an animated image: S
7.-If you stick hi5 music is not like that then begin to play then in facebook you have to manually turn on the music: (
8.-Even if you are not chatting Connect with others can know you're there: S
9.-The chat is a bit more time consuming than meebo msn etc.



Twitter is a microblogging service, based in San Francisco, California, with branches in San Antonio Texas and Boston (Massachusetts) in the United States. Twitter, Inc. was originally established in California, but is under the jurisdiction of Delaware since 2007. Since Jack Dorsey created it in March 2006, and launched in July of the same year, the network has gained popularity worldwide and is estimated to have over 200 million users, generating 65 million tweets a day and handling over 800,000 daily search requests. It has been dubbed as the "SMS of Internet". Among its members had outstanding public figures as Barack Obama, actors like Danny DeVito, musicians like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and other world famous.

The network can send plain text messages short length, with a maximum of 140 characters, called tweets, which are shown in the user's home page. Users can subscribe to other users' tweets - this is called "following" and subscribers users are called "fans", "followers" and sometimes tweeps ('Twitter' + 'peeps' rookies followers yet have made many tweets). By default, messages are public and can spread only showing them privately about certain followers. Users can tweet via Web service with external official applications (such as for smartphones), or by Short Message Service (SMS) available in certain countries. While the service is free, accessing it through SMS behaves support fees set by the mobile phone provider.


1. It is generally a simple tool once you overcome the first impression;

2. Constantly dynamic, not only for the replies, but by the RT and even Trending Topics;

3. Having a multiplicity of applications that enable expansion;

4. It is, in itself, a catchy name a lot more catchy logo;

5. It is relatively editable, allowing customization to suit the user. More editing, more comfort.


1. It became popular very quickly, leading to a depletion of content (which was innate but is enhanced);

2. Twitter leads to less and write abbreviate to reach more than 140 characters;

3. Breeding ground for spammers, which usually come in English (and factory bad);

4. The default language is English Twitter, users having Spanish-speaking;

5. Lack of tools to include common user to this new system.

Knowing the characteristics of advantages of disadvantages of facebook and twitter, it is considered good condition to work in the company PEMEX, and have better performance work with Facebook.